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GadgetArcrep's gameplay for Source SDK (PC)

GadgetArcrep played Source SDK

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GadgetArcrep said...
  • excited
Ive been teaching myself mapmaking, and ive gotten a fair bit through my training since i began yesterday.

mapmaking is probably the easiest part of making a mod, so im not going to say im a pro at such tasks, ive got a long way to go in teaching myself everything.
Source SDK

Source SDK (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
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should get warcraft 3 and use the world editor on that very soild device
@DeathorGlory9 already have it
Garry's mod is your friend. I've had more fun with it than playing any Valve's games.
You should try out Saurbraten then. :3
@Linked713 I would like it too, but for whatever reason, the game is completely broken for me.
@GarrTY That reminds me of minecraft.
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