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I dont... have this game...

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GadgetArcrep said...
  • sad
When did this pop up?

I had a look at it earlier, but apparently it never existed on my computer when i tried to open it.

Xfire and steam are decieving me.

I probably wouldnt play it anyways, i dont like the james bond type of game.

unless theres a Breakdance button.

Goldeneye:Source (PC)

Release Date: 05/DEC/05
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AWESOME! This looks way too fucking cool.
I really need to get HL2 :(
weird...but not unheard of. I have had a few games I don't have pop up in xfire and thus gamerdna
It's still in Beta, so basically it's understandable that there hasn't been any major annoucements about this MOD.
Thanks for informing, I gotta give this a try. =3
cool :o
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